Republicans Can't Handle Obama Even Talking About Gun Control

Talk about extreme overreaction—for Republicans, Obama even deigning to discuss ways to improve gun safety with the Attorney General somehow equals taking away everyone's guns.




It is his last year in office, and President Obama is finally attempting to comprehensively address an issue that has been plaguing the American public: gun violence.

In 2015, we suffered more mass shootings than days in the year, ranging from incidents on college campuses (Oregon) to office workplaces (San Bernardino). Other countries called outthis insanity; some politicians fought to enactchange; President Obama spoke wearily spoke about these tragedies entirely too many times.

Despite efforts on state levels to increase gun control and combat gun violence, when we see such a widespread problem, taking action on a federal level may be the only solution (particularly when other states, such as Texas, are doing all they can to loosen gun legislation). On Monday, Obama sat down with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, and an official with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to hash out measures that could possibly prevent future mass shootings.

Obama emphasizes that the ideas and initiatives discussed are “well within [his] legal authority” and that his administration will be rolling out these ideas within the next few days.

Rationally, it seems Obama is primarily focused on increasing background checks, and enforcing these checks, to prevent mentally unstable individuals from acquiring guns.

However, for Republicans, this seems to inexplicably translate to ‘the government is going to take away our guns.’

Republican politicians and candidates are fueling this fear; Donald Trump stated this morning on CNN that, “Pretty soon you won't be able to get guns. It's another step in the way of not getting guns.” This was even before Obama had spoken to Attorney General Lynch.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan jumped on the fear-mongering train, acknowledging he did not know the specifics of Obama’s plans, but maintaining nevertheless that they would include “a dangerous level of executive overreach.”

Marco Rubio took this one step further, accusing Obama of “[waging] war on the Constitution… He is obsessed with gun control.” With guns now killing as many people as car crashes, obsession with gun control is what we need.

Ted Cruz, of course, refused to be left out of this party—he told reporters in Boone, Iowa that, “The word that President Obama is once again going to abuse his power to try to seize our guns sadly surprises nobody…We don’t beat the bad guys by taking away our guns. We beat the bad guys by using our guns.”

For someone who graduated from Harvard Law, Cruz appears remarkably daft.

There seems to be some irrational Republican consensus that any executive action President Obama takes is unconstitutional and intended to infringe on American freedoms




However, gun control is absolutely necessary and the only way we can potentially decrease the growing spree of mass shooters. No matter the ludicrous Republican overreaction, it is about time Obama handled this issue on an executive level. 

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