Trump Favors Russia In Hacking Scandal While Obama Expels 35 Diplomats

President Obama has expelled 35 Russian diplomats from the U.S. amid a cyber hacking scandal, but Trump seems unconcerned as he urges people to “move on.”

In the wake of a CIA assessment, which asserts Russia tried to interfere in the U.S. elections, President Barack Obama has issued sanctions against the country, expelling 35 diplomats and closing down two diplomatic compounds in New York and Maryland.

Even House Speaker Paul Ryan, who holds anti-Obama sentiments, is backing the sanctions, calling them “long overdue” and stating, “Russia does not share American's interests.”

However, amid all the chaos and controversies, President-elect Donald Trump — someone who should be most concerned about the ongoing issue since he will soon be taking control of the Oval Office — seems to be very relaxed.

During a presidential debate earlier this year, the business mogul talked about how dangerous the cyber world is and insisted that America gets “tough on cyber and cyberwar.” But in an interesting turn of events, he is now suggesting that it is time to “move on to bigger and better things” instead of tackling Russia regarding the scandal.

Trump’s softened stance on the issue is understandably raising alarms among the public, since it makes it looks like president-elect has interests that clash with those of the United States.

Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have made headlines for their strong friendship. Putin has been called “Trump’s most dangerous best friend,” and people find it difficult to understand how the presidents of two countries that have clashing interests could actually be friends.



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