Obama Tears Into NRA, Says He Does Not Want To Take Away Guns

President Barack Obama set the record straight on his gun control policies and clarified he is not spearheading a conspiracy to confiscate Americans’ firearms.

The president of the United States may have never owned a gun, but he is not planning to take away everyone else’s Constitutional right to own one either.

Barack Obama dismissed all the fictitious “conspiracy theories” alleging that the federal government — and the president in particular  want to seize guns of law-abiding American as a precursor to martial law.

“The way it is described, is that we are trying to take away everybody's guns,” Obama said during a televised town hall meeting on his gun policies, Thursday. “Our position is consistently mischaracterized. If you listen to the rhetoric, it is so over-the-top, it is so overheated.”

Along with seeking support on his actions for gun control, he also accused his opponents  namely the National Rifle Association  for twisting his plans on gun safety measures in to “imaginary fiction.”

“I've said this repeatedly I'm happy to meet with them [NRA]. I'm happy to talk to them,” Obama continued. “But the conversation has to be based on facts and truth and what we're actually proposing, not some...imaginary fiction in which Obama is trying to take away your guns.”

The prime-time event, “Guns in America,” was hosted at the George Mason University by CNN. The town hall exchange did not include an NRA representative because the association declined to participate.

The president also clarified that while he respects the Second Amendment, the NRA has to acknowledge the responsibility to make legal products safer. He said the government is trying to enforce the gun laws that already exist, emphasizing that he cannot create new laws since only Congress possesses that power.

As far as all those absurd rumors about Obama paving a way for martial law, the president used this meeting to dismiss them too.

“I'm only going to be here for another year,” he said.

The tension between Obama and those who oppose basic safety regulations for gun ownership reach new levels ever since the president announced his executive measures on gun control earlier this week. However, Obama believes that it is mainly because people live in different realities and have different perceptions of what they see as dangerous.

“All of us can agree that it makes sense to do everything we can to keep guns out of the hands of people who would do others harm, or themselves harm,” he said, calling on Congress to set up a system that would create a background check to stem at least some illegal activity without bothering lawful gun owners. “The fact that the system doesn't catch every single person ... has to be weighed against the fact that we might be able to save a whole bunch of families from the grief that some of the people in this audience have had to go through.”

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