Lawyer Uses Every Racial Stereotype To Bash ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

“Yes my sucker Caucasian male lawyer friends who married Asian women were completely poached for dollars and earning potential,” the lawyer added in her post.

An Orange County lawyer thought it was fine to hurl a bunch of stupid, racist stereotypes against Asians after her friends told her about the blockbuster hit adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s novel, “Crazy Rich Asians.”

Christina Ignatius, who claims she is a well-known lawyer in California and a requested law tutor in America, said in a lengthy since-deleted Facebook post, the mention of the movie reminded her of the Asians that were, to her mind, “taking over” Orange County and “what she dubs as “our mall,” at South Coast Plaza.

She said the “snoshy” (posh and snobbish) Asians could be seen purchasing high-end designer wear from the likes of Gucci, Fendi, Dior and Louis Vuitton and have uncaring attitudes towards others.

“They have a zoned-in personality where they act as if no one else exists and they just run straight in front of you to grab the next purse,” she said in the Facebook post captured and shared by user Calma Yom.

She also explained where the offensive term “driving like an Asian” came from: Apparently, the rich Asians drive around in their luxurious Mercedes on high-occupancy lanes and have no qualms cutting across multiple cars to go to a shopping mall.

The racist woman then decided to mock the Asians for their accent. Ignatius claimed some of them were trying to get her to tutor them for law school.

“They keep telling me that they are attending UCRA. I need to translate that into my head to deduce that they are going to UCLA,” the woman said, referring to Asians, who have a tendency to roll their R’s and L’s while speaking their language.

Aside from flooding Orange County and the mall, Ignatius said “a lot of rice rockets” had also invaded the University of California, Irvine, from where she reportedly graduated. She claimed their “Tiger Moms” forced them to go there to become “doctas” and if they were unsuccessful, they married doctors or lawyers for money.

“Yes my sucker Caucasian male lawyer friends who married Asian women were completely poached for dollars and earning potential,” the lawyer added in her post.

She concluded her racist rant by saying she couldn’t even escape Asians during her vacations:

“If you thought you could get away from them for a hot second and go on vacation to Yosemite, think again. They came in huge buses and stood in front of each waterfall to give the peace sign in their selfies.”

Ignatius deleted her Facebook post, probably after the backlash she received for her racist views but she refused to apologize.

In a follow-up post, which has also been removed, the racist lawyer defended herself stating, “I posted something funny about Crazy Rich Asians. Apparently it was so provocative that it was considered abuse. I had no idea that talking about stereotypes would be so provocative… By the way, I do not hate Asians. I really love them and I find differences to be funny and interesting,” she said.

She accompanied the post with a viral video from JustKiddingFilms sketch, titled, S*** Asian Mom Say” of all things, once again proving she has zero respect for the minority group.

Ignatius denied she is racist, however her actions say otherwise. She spoke of Asians in a disrespectful and belittling way, yet she found that funny. It’s apparent she needs to drop her law tutoring classes and take some classes of her own, preferably those that educate her about being sensitive to people from other races, cultures and backgrounds.

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