#Occupy Is Back, And It's Taking Over ICE

Protesters associated with Occupy ICE are showing up at ICE facilities across the country.

The Occupy movement helped the world focus on social inequality. Now, it is coming together again to tell Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) they are no longer needed.

This Saturday, groups associated with Occupy ICE in Los Angeles involving documented Americans concerned about the risks immigrants are facing will be holding a protest to rally against President Donald Trump’s family separation policy as well as the Supreme Court decision to uphold the president’s “Muslim ban.”

Recently, the ICE agency building in Greenwich Village in New York was forced to cancel several immigration hearings thanks to a group of 30 people known as the #OccupyICENYC rallying at the door.

ICE officials said the temporary delay was to ensure officers, court members, detainees, and the public were safe.

Still, activists promised to come back.

As more activists gather across the country, social media users are sharing images from the ground from several U.S. locations.

When asked what they want, groups involved in the Occupy ICE effort all say the same thing: Abolish ICE.

After the Saturday rally in Los Angeles, organizers said they hope more people will join their encampments.

"Right now, what we're asking is for people to please consider joining us," LA Against ICE advocacy group’s Xavier Alejandro Cerrilla told reporters.

Cerilla is one of the individuals who started to protest outside the downtown Los Angeles ICE headquarters last week, putting up tents as well in an attempt to send a message to immigration officials. What inspired him was what he saw happening in other cities.

"That transitioned into an encampment following the efforts of Portland and New York City," Cerrilla said

As more people join, Cerrilla said he believes this movement has a chance of forcing ICE to shut down.

"We know how reactionary police can be in dealing with occupations," he added. "That's why growing our numbers is so crucial."

With politicians such as Rep. Mark Pocan working in Washington, D.C., to abolish ICE, and candidates such as Cynthia Nixon publicly calling ICE a terrorist organization, Occupy ICE might have a chance of getting more people to join its cause. And when that happens, ICE runs the risk of losing the battle for relevance, as Americans will surely follow suit, pressuring politicians to bring accountability to the Trump administration.


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