GOP Reacts As Expected To North Korea Nuclear Test: 'Thanks Obama'

After North Korea claimed to have tested a hydrogen bomb, GOP candidates blamed President Obama for this situation.

It is an established tenet of the Republican Party that President Obama can be blamed for any problem, domestic or international—they held steadfast to this belief in the aftermath of North Korea’s first alleged hydrogen bomb test.

While North Korea claimed Wednesday morning it had tested a miniature h-bomb, causing a 5.1 magnitude earthquake in South Korea, it has yet to be confirmed whether or not this is actually true. If verified, neighboring countries such as Japan and South Korea say it would be in blatant violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions.

It is a difficult, precarious situation for the entire world, including the United States, but GOP candidates found comfort in blaming their favorite source: Obama (and Hillary Clinton).

They quickly attributed North Korea’s growing nuclear power to Obama’s ineffectiveness—Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) declared in a statement that Obama has been “standing idly by…[it’s] just the latest example of Obama-Clinton failed foreign policy.”

This “failed” foreign policy was a running theme in every candidate’s remarks; Carly Fiorina went so far as to call the whole country of “North Korea [as] yet another Hillary Clinton foreign policy failure,” while former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) used slightly more sophisticated vocabulary, tweeting that the Obama/Clinton foreign policy was “feckless.”


In an amusing demonstration of the Republican field’s utter inability to form a unified opinion, even in their disdain of Obama’s administration, while Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) also blamed their foreign policy for the hydrogen bomb, when asked what he would do differently as President, he said he would “continue to isolate North Korea, to continue to cut off North Korea.”

So, while Rubio blames Obama for “standing idly by,” Cruz’s policy would involve a more extreme version of this?

The Republican Party certainly has clear plans for the future. 

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