FBI Agent Loses Gun Doing Backflip On Dance Floor, Shoots An Onlooker

An off-duty federal agent didn’t think to remove his gun before doing a backflip on a crowded dance floor. He dropped the weapon and shot an onlooker in the leg.

An off-duty FBI agent took to the dance floor in Denver, Colorado, and had the onlookers enraptured with his impressive moves.

However, his performance took an unexpected turn when he decided to perform a backflip and his weapon suddenly flew out from his waistband holster and landed on the ground in front of him.

A video widely shared on Twitter showed the agent scrambling for his gun, but as he picked it up it fired and hit an onlooker.

In a matter of few seconds, the crowd around the agent at the Mile High Spirits and Distillery bar went from being enthusiastic to cautious as many of them backed away in shock and others just seemed confused.

"Everyone was kind of shocked after it happened because (the agent) kind of put his gun back away and then he walked away," the woman who shot the video told KDVR. "No one really knew what was going on.”

However, apparently the agent, whom police did not identify, seemed just as baffled by the situation as he retrieved the weapon, held up his hands and left the dance floor.

According to the Denver police, the customer who was struck incurred non-life threatening injuries and was expected to survive.

“He appears to have non-life threatening injuries,” Marika Putman, a Denver Police Department spokeswoman, told the Denver Post. "The victim was transported to the hospital with a good prognosis.”

The off-duty FBI agent was reportedly taken to Denver Police Headquarters and later released to an FBI supervisor.

The city’s district attorney said the case was under investigation and it is still unclear whether the agent will face any charges or disciplinary action. 

With the footage garnering millions of views, it is obvious people had a lot to say about what looked like an accident.

Many of the commentators also pointed out how law enforcement officials usually get away with their reckless behavior while carrying a weapon even when they aren’t on duty – because, needless to say, this incident could have been deadly had the victim been standing at a different angle.







Banner Image Credits: REUTERS

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