Officer Insists She Isn’t Racist After Using ‘N-Word’ On Snapchat

A part-time Pennsylvania police officer has found herself unemployed after her department caught wind of a racist Snapchat selfie she posted in uniform.

A Pennsylvania cop made a terrible decision to post a Snapchat photo using the n-word in her caption.

According to BuzzFeed, Melissa Adamson was a newly hired part-time police officer who was also training as a probationary employee.

The eager officer, who clearly has poor judgment, posted a selfie in uniform with the caption, “I’m the law today n***a.”

Thankfully, she’s no longer patrolling the streets as she was terminated for her careless, insensitive actions.

“This post displays a degree of conduct and character that is far different from what I would expect from an officer in this city,” McKeesport mayor Michael Cherepko posted on Facebook. “Without hesitation, my office and the police chief’s office immediately concluded that this officer’s actions will not be tolerated in the City of McKeesport.”

Adamson has since apologized for the photo, reportedly calling it a “stupid mistake.”

“Everyone knows that I don’t have a racist bone in my body,” she told local reporters. “And people who don’t know me, I can understand why it was misconstrued to where it looks racist. But like I said, everyone who knows me knows I’m not racist.”

Ironically, Adamson’s defense happens to be the go-to response people seem to use whenever they do something racist.

For example, less than two weeks ago a former Kansas State student named Paige Shoemaker said something similar after being criticized for posting a Snapchat photo of herself in blackface, which also included the n-word in the caption.

After proclaiming that her controversial photo was sent in a “joking manner,” Shoemaker said, “I am the least racist and most accepting person you will meet. Never would I send it in a derogatory way.”

If you maintain that you are not racist, why are you doing racist things?

These routine “apologies” are becoming just as tiresome as the stunts themselves.

Of course using the n-word is going to be deemed racist because the word is historically used as a racial slur, that is common knowledge.

Officer Adamson did not make a “stupid mistake,” she deliberately and knowingly typed out the caption and posted the photo.

A “stupid mistake” is locking your keys inside of your car, not posting racial epithets on social media. 

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