Officer Plans To Boycott Wendy's After Finding N-Word On Receipt

The officer found the receipt as he ordered a meal at a franchise of Wendy's in Florida and vows to not go back until they improve their employee training.

It seems that these incidents never end — especially as politics inflate racial tensions nationwide.

On Tuesday night, an officer was ordering a meal at a Wendy's restaurant in Orlando, Florida, when he noticed a receipt next to the cash register with the n-word printed on it.

The black Florida Highway Patrol trooper was confused, as the cashier didn't say anything offensive to him and even thanked him for his service. Still, that didn't keep him from wondering what would have happened if one of his children had seen the piece of paper.

“If my kids were here eating dinner, and I had to show them this receipt or say they saw it?" the trooper told News 6. “My 6-year-old is learning to read and the first thing he would say is, 'What is this word?'"

After the occurrence, the employee involved in the incident was fired, but the trooper told reporters he would not return to any Wendy's restaurant until employee training at the franchise improves.

The company later issued a statement that read:

"While this receipt wasn't directed toward anyone in particular, we take this very seriously and find the language to be offensive and not in line with our values. This was a terrible judgment call by one of our employees, it's completely unacceptable and we no longer employ this individual."

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time in recent years that similar incidents occurred at Wendy's or other U.S. restaurants.

In 2015, a child received a deck of cards showing racial slurs at a Colorado franchise instead of a toy in a meal. At the time of the incident, employees involved were also fired.

Also in 2015, a woman was outraged after finding vulgar, racist remarks on her receipt from Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz in New Jersey.

More recently, a couple in Austin, Texas, received a receipt for “black ppl” at a local IHOP restaurant, and in June of the same year, a pizza order got a “ching-ching” label at a Papa John's.

It's incredibly disheartening to see so many of these incidents still taking place. However, we take solace in the fact that thanks to the internet, we're now able to find out exactly what companies are allowing this behavior so those of us who care can boycott said organizations.

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