Video Shows Off-Duty Cop Pinning Down Black Teen: 'I Could Kill You'

The officer never identified himself as an officer nor did he tell the boys they had trespassed, attacking one of them preemptively and threatening his life.

Black man with "don't shoot" sign on back raises his arm.Every now and then, we hear of yet another incident involving a police officer that forces us to wonder whether true reform will ever be implemented.

A video recently uploaded to social media shows a police officer pinning down 15-year-old Jordan Brunson, a black teen. The cop attacked the boy without identifying himself as an officer, and only as he had the boy pinned down to the ground did he say that he was on his property. The horrifying video also shows the officer threatening the teen's life.

Warning: Video may be disturbing to viewers.

The altercation took place Saturday in Lansing, Illinois, when two teenage boys became involved in a brawl with another group of boys. After fleeing, the boy who had been beaten up badly sat down on the officer's porch.

Brunson said that as he was trying to help his friend so that he could go tell his grandmother about his injuries, the off-duty officer charged at him, using his knee to keep the teen pinned down to the ground.  

With his hand on the teen's neck, he then told the kid he and his friend were “on my f***ing property.”

As Brunson told him to let him go, the cop continued, saying, "“No, you are on my f***ing property. I could f***ing kill you." The friend who had been injured in the earlier fight was the one shooting the video with his cell phone.

When asked whether the officer had identified himself as an officer earlier, Brunson said he hadn't. He also stated that the cop failed to tell the kids to get off his property before he attacked them. The officer also failed to ask the boys what they were doing.

After the incident, Brunson's aunt, Lashawnya Brunson, posted the video to Facebook. When commenting on the officer's behavior, Lashawnya Brunson said that her nephew was abused by the officer simply because he has the power to do so.

“If he wasn't an officer, just a regular man would they do the same thing? No, he'd be locked up,” she said.

Jordan Brunson's family has filed a police report after the incident, hoping that charges will be brought against the officer.

Still, this kind of incident doesn't often translate into charges for the perpetrator of violence. This goes to show that, in our country, officers are still granted privileges civilians don't have access to.

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