Officers In Court Ripped Off A Chinese Lawyer’s Clothes

A lawyer in China was assaulted by officers inside court when he attempted to record court officials on his phone and would not surrender the device.

chinese police attack lawyer in court, Wu Liangshu

One Chinese lawyer took a defiant stance outside of court after he experienced inexplicable harassment indoors.

According to BBC, Wu Liangshu, a lawyer handling a case at the Qingxiu District Court, was assaulted by three officers in the courtroom after he reportedly attempted to record court officials, although why Liangshu was recording officials remains unclear.

After attacking him in an effort to seize his phone, officers did allegedly offer him new clothes, but Liangshu was determined to bring awareness to what had happened. He refused, instead walking outside the courtroom with a ripped open shirt and only one pant leg, underwear visible.

His phone was also smashed.

Liangshu commented to the BBC that, “I wasn't shocked. I have heard plenty of weird and violent stories of things happening to lawyers in China but I didn't expect it to happen to me.”

Other lawyers are pushing to have footage from inside the courtroom made available to the public in order to determine exactly how and why Lianghsu was attacked.

To demonstrate the extent to which Chinese officials are attempting to downplay this, they have allegedly censored discussion of the incident on social media, only allowing negative comments about Liangshu to remain visible.

If there is indeed a pattern of this inexcusable behavior in China, it was incredibly courageous of Liangshu to bring a larger, global awareness to it instead of allowing Chinese authorities to squelch the issue. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @BBCWorld

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