Accused Rapists Ask For Bible To Fight Their Case Instead Of Lawyers

Timothy Ciboro said he and his son intend to “use God's holy word to ask questions, questions that we believe are absolutely vital to our case.”


This is the classic example of “the devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.”

An Ohio man and his son, charged with sexual assault, have been allowed to act as their own defense lawyers — and they will refer to the Bible to fight their battle.

Timothy Ciboro, 53, and his son Esten, 28, of Toledo, Ohio, were arrested in May after Ciboro’s 13-year-old stepdaughter, who was reportedly raped multiple times in three years of captivity, escaped from a basement where she was held. The girl, whose name has not been disclosed because of her minor status, said she and her two siblings were homeschooled and were told to obey a 50-point system. If she lost 50 points, she was taken to the basement where she was shackled, forced to eat rotten food and relieve herself in a bucket full of ammonia.

The girl stole a key during the short period she was upstairs and escaped the house when her two assailants were out. She was rescued by two janitors a few miles from her home and taken to the police.

The police then raided the home and arrested the two men who were trying to flee with Ciboro’s two sons and a gun; their bail was set at $500,000 each. The girl and Ciboro’s sons were placed into child protection custody.



Now facing trial, the Ciboros came up with an unusual request: they want to bring the Bible to court because they don't believe in the law and the Bible is “the only law book that matters.”

When asked for his rationale, the elder Ciboro told Lucas County Common Pleas Judge Linda Jennings, “Professionals built the Titanic. Amateurs built the ark.”

“There's a great deal of strategy in Scripture and I use those strategies in everything I do,” he told the judge, according to the Toledo Blade.

Timothy Ciboro said he and his son intend to “use God's holy word to ask questions, questions that we believe are absolutely vital to our case.”

The judge allowed the Bible in court but they said it could not be used to directly question witnesses. An attorney will be present in court to answer procedural court but will not assist in any other thing.

The Ciboro's Facebook posts were also filled with mad ramblings of Satanic acts at the time of their arrests.

In one post, Estan claimed a billboard welcoming people to the village of Cedarville in Ohio, depicted a boy pledging allegiance to the devil.

“As of 2013 or earlier, Cedar Creek has been aware of this demonic hand gesture indicating 'Satanic Allegiance,' however Cedar Creek has continued to proudly display this gesture of allegiance,” he wrote.

When Esten was mocked by acquaintances, his father defended him and labeled his critics as part of a “Satanic cult.”

The two men have denied charges of rape, kidnapping and child endangerment, despite police finding handcuffs chained to the beam and the bucket the girl used for her toilet.

It's hard to fathom how two people who profess so much faith in the Bible could allegedly commit these horrific acts.

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