Ohio Man Leaps To His Death After Getting 13-Year Prison Sentence

A man who had been found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to 13 years behind bars decided to take his own life by jumping over a courthouse banister.


An Ohio convict took his own life on Friday after a judge sentenced him to spend 13 years in prison for attempted murder and felony assault.

Jason Binkiewicz, 42, allegedly shot another man in the face while drunk back in November of 2015.

While the victim claimed that Binkiewicz shot him for no reason, defense attorneys maintained the feud was sparked from a drug deal, according to New York Daily News.

"His behavior has continued over a period of 16 years, has continued to escalate and spiral out of control, resulting in somebody getting shot in the face," presiding Judge Michelle Miller reportedly said of Binkiewicz.

After being found guilty of attempted murder and given more than a decade to serve behind bars, Binkiewicz managed to break free from the official who was escorting him out of the courtroom and jump to his death.

"He made a run for the banister on the third floor of the courthouse and threw himself over the banister and has been pronounced dead,” Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said.

According to local reports, screams erupted inside the courthouse as Binkiewicz fell approximately 100 feet down to the first floor.

"I don't think that anybody thought that this was going to happen today. Sometimes if we are aware something has happened in the past, or there have been those types of threats, then we are looking for that, we're going to be taking different action,” Prosecutor Jane Hanlin reportedly said.

"It really is just a heart-breaking day for everybody here because they’re typically lots of people in the courthouse, there are criminal proceedings going on, a lot of activity at the courthouse. As the sheriff said, we are thankful that the deputy wasn't injured and we're actually thankful that nobody else was hurt as he went over that railing, that he didn't hurt or kill anybody else on the way down,” Hanlin added.

Considering Brinkiewicz was being tried for shooting a man in the face over drugs, it’s evident that he had impulsive tendencies — which speak to his decision to throw himself over the railing.

It is extremely unfortunate and tragic that he saw death as his only way out. It’s even worse that in his mind, death was more desirable than prison.

It is unclear how he managed to escape from the sheriff’s deputy who was escorting him, but the entire sequence of events is under investigation. 

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