13-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Himself After Sneaking A Gun Into School

A 13-year-old, who had more ammo in his backpack, died after shooting himself. Authorities said they are going to “find out exactly what he was planning.”



It seems like nobody has learned anything from the horrific massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which claimed 17 innocent lives – because a 13-year-old was reportedly able to enter his middle school armed with a gun and no one realized that.

An Ohio seventh-grader, recognized as Keith Simons, brought bottle rockets, batteries, fireworks and extra ammunition to the campus before shooting himself inside the school’s restroom on Tuesday, according to the officials.

The Jackson Memorial Middle School student reportedly died, succumbing to self-inflicted gunshot wounds, the police announced a day later.

According to Jackson Township Police Chief Mark Brink, Simons rode the bus to school with a weapon he took from his mother’s house. Even though the teenager met and talked to people on the school bus, he succeeded in keeping the .22 caliber gun out of sight by hiding it under his clothes.

After arriving at the school, he went to the bathroom and shots were heard shortly before the classes were scheduled to start.

Although the school was placed on lockdown and no other students were injured, it is important to note how the school authorities failed to notice a 13-year-old bringing a weapon inside the middle school.

After suffering from the self-inflicted wound, the teen was taken to Children’s Medical Center in Akron, where he passed away.

Investigators did not clarify if the shooting was intentional or if the teen had other plans.

“We’re going to attempt to find out exactly what he was planning for yesterday morning,” Chief Brink said.

The authorities also said there were no red flags on social media.

Parents who were informed of the lockdown complained they had to wait for hours before they could see their children, but officials said they needed to make sure the building was safe because “we didn’t know exactly what we were dealing with,” amid the debate surrounding gun violence after Florida school shooting.

In the same state, an 8-year-old boy was arrested for the possession of a semi-automatic handgun, which he also brought to his elementary school. The boy said he feared getting hurt. 

Little children, who are supposed to grow up to be the pride of nation, are playing with actual guns because the government has shaken hands with the National Rifle Association and refuses to do anything to make weapons of war inaccessible to civilians.






The alarming rise in school shootings and underage gun possession should be enough for lawmakers to tighten up gun laws to avoid gun violence – no questions asked.

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