‘Tell My Mom I Love Her’: Teen Tells 911 Operator Moments Before Death

"I probably don't have much time left, so tell my mom that I love her if I die. Send officers immediately. I'm almost dead," pleaded a boy trapped in his van.



A 16-year-old sophomore made at least two agonizing 911 calls, pleading for help as his van’s seats slowly crushed him.

Kyle Plush, a student of the Seven Hills School, begged for help while the dispatcher struggled to locate him.

"Help, help, help," Plush said in his first call. "I'm in desperate need of help."

In a heartbreaking turn of events, which are not fully known, the teenager got trapped in his van’s seat which eventually led to his death in a parking lot near the school.

Plush made several attempts to get out of this horrific situation, but to no avail. He repeatedly told the operator he was at “Seven Hills,” but apparently she couldn’t understand him, according to the reports.

The second 911 call the 16-year-old made was even more distressing. He again asked for help, but this time he seemed to be losing hope as he also sent a poignant message for his mother.

"I probably don't have much time left, so tell my mom that I love her if I die," he said. "I'm trapped inside my gold Honda Odyssey van. In the (inaudible) parking lot of Seven Hills Hillsdale. Send officers immediately. I'm almost dead."

Shortly after Plush’s first call, the dispatcher called him back but she was directed to his voicemail, so she assumed it was a prank call. Nevertheless, the operator notified the deputy to look into the matter.

Two officers undertook the responsibility of investigating the call despite of their suspicion that it was a hoax. They arrived a few minutes later but couldn’t find the van.

In Plush’s second call to 911, a banging sound could be heard from the back along with heavy breathing. Also, on several occasions, he called for "Siri," the intelligent personal assistant on iPhones.

That was it from Plush’s side. Calls made to 911 after this was when he was found by a family member, about six hours after his first call.

“We are missing a kid and apparently he’s been found in his car in the parking lot,” said one caller. “I guess we need police and an ambulance there.”

A night shift worker at school also made a call to 911, saying he was with Plush's father in the parking lot. He told the operator Plush was "turned over in the seat and stuck there. He's been there for a while.”

The autopsy revealed he died of asphyxia, a condition arising when the body is deprived of oxygen. However, there are not much details about how long he was stuck there and how he ended up in this deadly situation.

City Manager Harry Black is working with the 911 center to understand why the boy could not be found.

“This matter is very disturbing,” Black said. “If there are deficiencies on the part of the 911 center operations, my mandate is to fix whatever needs to be fixed. If there are deficiencies on the part of the 911 center operations, my mandate is to fix whatever needs to be fixed.”

Regardless of the efforts authorities made there is no escaping from the harsh reality that Plush isn’t coming back. Irrespective of the cause, the fact no help reached him when he was struggling to breathe makes the tragic incident even more heart wrenching.

A letter was sent out to Seven Hill families, remembering Plush.

"He was a young man of keen intelligence, good humor, and great courage, and this whole community feels this loss very deeply," the letter stated.

About 800,000 Honda Odyssey vans were recalled in 2017 because of a problem with second-row seats accidentally tipping forward.

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