‘What If He Didn’t Do It?’ Billboard Advertises Rapist Cop’s Innocence

“It was disturbing. It was infuriating. I think the location of it is the issue. This is where he was basically terrorizing women,” said a civil rights activist.

Daniel Holtzclaw

Former police officer Daniel Holtzclaw was sentenced to 263 years in prison for raping 13 women in horrifying instances of abuse of power. However, despite the damning evidence, a billboard in Northeast Oklahoma City is proclaiming the rapist might be innocent.


Conservative Media Outlet CRTV has placed the billboard a few blocks away from Interstate 44 and Kelley Avenue in Oklahoma City, where Holtzclaw reportedly took many of his victims and raped them. The caption reads, “What if he didn’t do it?” — presumably in an effort to spark another investigation into the incidents.

An upcoming TV show by right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin will also entertain the idea of Holtzclaw innocence. It is being produced with the willing participation of the rapist’s sister, who insists the man had been wrongfully convicted.

A private investigator, Brian Bates, will be the main authority in their version of the case and he has said, in no uncertain terms, that people should not be upset by the billboard.

“If the billboard said, ‘Daniel Holtzclaw is innocent, Daniel Holtzclaw’s accusers are liars,’ I think people would have a right to be a little outraged,” said Bates.

Someone needs to tell Bates the ad is actually implying the very same things.

Holtzclaw, for his part, has never admitted his guilt and still. To this day, he claims from behind bars that he never committed the heinous acts, despite evidence to the contrary.

“It was disturbing. It was infuriating,” said Grace Franklin, the executive director of OKC Artists for Justice. “I think the location of it is the issue. This is where he was basically terrorizing women.”

“He was a convicted rapist. He's not an accused rapist. He's convicted serial rapist, so I think it will bring up a lot of emotions,” she added. “This is about protecting survivors. Imagine driving down I-44. You don't know that that's there, and you look up and there's a picture of him.”





Bates, however, is insistent there may be a precedent for such a move.

“Thousands of people have been convicted of crimes and later exonerated, and Daniel may be one of these people. That's yet to be seen,” he said.

Under pressure from the community, billboard operator Tyler Media agreed to take down the board.

“CRTV supports free speech,” the company's statement read. “We are disappointed that Tyler Media caved in pressure to take down the billboard.”

"Oklahoma City's left-wing activists succeeded in getting our billboard taken down ... these activists won’t be able to censor our broadcasts about the Holtzclaw case,” added Malkin in a statement.

Now that’s white male supremacy for you.

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