An Entire Oklahoma District Is Taking A Pay Cut To Save Jobs

From bus drivers to the superintendent, everyone in this district made a self-sacrificing move to help their colleagues.

Oklahoma’s financial crisis is getting worse with time and the state keeps seeing one budget cut after another.

In December 2015, the state's revenue was down by 12 percent and by early this year, a total of $47 million was cut from the education budgets. It left schools in a quandary and superintendents all over the state searching desperately for solutions and cutting back on their spending.

This meant cutting back on student transport, lunches, extracurricular activities as well as jobs for teachers and other staff.

Amid the job cuts and slashing student services, schools in Millwood have come up with a selfless plan to take pay cuts to save the jobs of those around them.

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“We decided the best position for Millwood to take would be for the entire staff, everyone at Millwood, from the superintendent to bus drivers, to give back three days of pay,” said Superintendent Cecilia Robinson-Woods.

It is indeed a selfless act by a stratum of society that already doesn’t get paid enough.

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