Oklahoma Deputy Disguises Inmate As Officer To Help Do His Job

An Oklahoma sheriff’s deputy was fired after administrators learned he allowed an inmate to pose as a fellow officer to help him fulfill his own duties.


An Oklahoma deputy was removed from his job after word got out that he had been disguising an inmate as a fellow deputy to help him with his duties.

Back in April, the Garvin County deputy solicited the inmate’s help in transporting U.S. Immigration and Customs detainees, according to Jezebel.

The inmate was reportedly told to wear the same black windbreaker and hat that deputies wear as part of their uniform while assisting with these tasks.

In addition to being dressed like a deputy, the unnamed inmate was also left unattended while detainees were being processed.

The inmate in question let the cat out of the bag by telling an administrator what occurred, which ultimately led to the deputy who approved this scheme getting canned.

The process of transporting detainees requires at least two deputies to be present, and the offending officer was clearly too eager to get the job done to wait for a colleague to arrive to help him.

The sheriff, Larry Rhodes, spoke out in shame of the deputy’s careless and illegal stunt.

“I’m embarrassed about it, I’m mad about it, and if I could have stopped it, I would have been there,” Rhodes reportedly told AP. “I can tell you it wouldn’t have happened.”

Neither state nor federal charges have been filed against the deputy as of yet, but he is definitely no longer employed.

This incident serves as a prime example of why people say, “Patience is a virtue.” Had this deputy not been so hasty, he would still have a job and not be getting ridiculed for being so irresponsible. 

Banner Photo Credit: Pixabay user cocoparisienne

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