Oklahomans Call For Removal Of Judge Who Let 8 Pedophiles Walk Free

The judge has been under fire for allowing child rapists to go free. Now, locals and even lawmakers are calling for his removal from the bench.

A gavel is seen being held by a judge.

Oklahomans are furious with a judge who protects pedophiles and rapists, so they are calling for his removal.

The Oklahoman reports that Republican state Rep. Mike Ritze along with other locals are working to have Marshall County District Judge Wallace Coppedge removed.

Several campaigns were launched after the judge was heavily criticized for presiding over a series of cases involving defendants accused of rape and pedophilia who got off scot-free. 

The latest case to catch the locals’ attention involved Benjamin Lawrence Petty, a man who confessed to the rape of a 13-year-old girl and walked free thanks to Coppedge.

In another seven similar cases before this, the judge also decided that the sex offenders did not have to serve jail time. All eight cases involved child rapes.

While Ritze’s state House resolution to have Coppedge removed has been put on hold, another campaign online asking people to sign a petition to get Coppedge to step down from the bench already has more than 100,000 signatures.

Hopefully, the initiatives to oust Coppedge are successful and local officials are able to get to the bottom of why this judge has been so lenient with child rapists. This type of crime is simply despicable and should not be taken so lightly.

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