Tram Rider Goes Off On Bizarre Homophobic, Anti-Semitic & Racist Rant

Several passengers on the tram witnessed an old man spewing racist comments and insulting people, with the awful incident filmed by another passenger on the tram.

An elderly man hurled racist comments at passengers in a Manchester city center tram.  When a fellow passenger who appeared to be Jewish tried to calm him down he started abusing him and said aggressively, “Why don't you f*** off back where you come from?”

Another passenger tried to calm him down but he was also abused by the white-haired man.

He told him that he was a “f***ing f****t” before telling another he “looked like a f***ing pedophile or a f****** once.”

Some passengers even tried to calm him down by offering him a seat but he refused and raised his fist at commuters trying to stop him. Even being told that he was being filmed did not stop him.

When his behavior got out of control, one of the passenger told him, “Get off, you offensive old git.”

While another one restrained him so that he could not assault anyone asking him to stay calm, “I'm asking you to stay calm,” he said.

A passenger on the tram reported the matter to the police, who confirmed that they are considering this incident as hate crime.

Transport for Greater Manchester’s Metrolink Director, Peter Cushing, said: “This type of behavior has no place on Metrolink — or anywhere else.

“We won’t stand for it and neither will our customers. We will work with Greater Manchester Police and share CCTV footage to help try and identify the individual,” he added.

This is not for the first time for Manchester Metrolink to experience such racist passengers; earlier three passengers were seen hurling racist comments on a person because they believed he was an immigrant.

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