Australian Athletes Pulled From 'Soupy' And 'Cloudy' Rio Training Pool

An Australian swimming coach did not allow his team to practice in an allegedly unclean pool in Brazil to train for the upcoming Rio Olympics.

As the Rio Olympic Games fast approach us, one Australian coach is now claiming the training pool at Barra da Tijuca is allegedly infected.

Michael Bohl, one of the Australian team’s coaches, felt that the training pool was too “cloudy” and “soupy” for his swimmers to practice in, so he arranged to have his team swim in another main competition pool, USA TODAY reported.

“That pool looked really cloudy so rather than risk an eye or ear or nose infections we came in here [to the main pool],” Bohl told reporters. “People were swimming in it but I just thought for these guys — it started out nice in that pool, but all of a sudden as [time] wore on the water just got really soupy looking.”

The officials associated with FINA, Federation Internationale de Natation, known as the national body governing swimming in English, is allegedly investigating the infected training pool.

Bohl hasn’t reportedly made any complaints of the new, cleaner main pool his Australian swimmers are now practicing in and will compete in during the Olympic races.

Water quality issues led to pollution in the Guanabara Bay at this year's Olympics.

The Guanabara Bay is where the sailing venue will be taken place at the Rio Olympics and the location is 80 percent polluted and hasn't been cleaned up prior to the summer games, according to TIME

The opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics begins today and the Olympic swimmers will compete in their first Olympic races of 2016 on Saturday.

It’s imperative that professional athletes swim in pristine water in order to feel safe. 

Banner Image Credit: Barrazine Da Bara, Wikimedia Commons

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