Omarosa Secretly Recorded Everyday Conversations With Trump In The WH

The reality TV star, who followed Trump to the White House, apparently, traded her years-long loyalty to use her closeness to the POTUS to profit off of it.


It seems recording President Donald Trump is easier than one would think.

He was first surreptitiously recorded by former attorney Michael Cohen, over hush money payment to alleged mistress Karen McDougal and now, another former Trump confidant has reportedly betrayed the president.

In an exclusive report, The Daily Beast revealed the former reality TV star-turned White House official, Omarosa Manigault-Newman, clandestinely recorded her everyday conversations with Trump, which she is reportedly willing to use as leverage ahead of the release of her book, "UNHINGED," which focuses on her time in the West Wing.

Not only did she record the president on her smartphone, people have reportedly heard the audios which feature Manigault-Newman’s former boss’ voice, a source confirmed to The Daily Beast.

The sources described the “Omarosa Tapes” are everyday chatter, however, they still are a huge betrayal of trust from a former Trump official, who was once considered one of the few people close to the president.

The reality TV star, who followed Trump to the White House, apparently traded her years long loyalty to use her closeness to the POTUS to profit herself.

According to the report, Trump hates the idea of being recorded without his knowledge, despite that at least of two of his former loyalists have gone behind his back and got him on tape.

Simon & Schuster, the publishing company for UNHINGED, refused to confirm the existence of the “Omarosa Tapes,” however, the spokesperson said they “are confident that Omarosa Manigault-Newman can substantiate her highly-anticipated account of life inside the Trump White House.” The statement heavily asserts the alleged tapes might just see the light of the day.

The book, Manigault-Newman promises, will provide an exclusive look inside the Trump administration and feature the president’s “mental decline.” She claimed, Trump “rambled. He spoke gibberish. He contradicted himself from one sentence to the next.”

The book also described Manigault-Newman and Ivanka Trump’s alleged part in firing “leakers” from the White House under the leadership of former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who only lasted 11 days on the job.

The following excerpt was obtained by The Daily Beast from UNHINGED.

“Along with his comms directorship, Scaramucci had a secondary job. He was apparently the hired hit man,” Manigault-Newman wrote. “Very low-key, Ivanka [Trump] went around to the original Trumpers, the loyal soldiers, and asked the team to compile a list of suspected leakers. I’d already said my piece about Katie Walsh directly to Donald, and she’d been let go. But Ivanka wanted a new list and, once she had it, she would give it to Scaramucci, so he could fire them all. The final list that was texted to me on July 22 had ten names on it.”

“Anthony would start firing them all, after a quick rally in Ohio,” the excerpt continued.

Michael Short, a former assistant press secretary and one of the ten names on the list, refuted he ever leaked information from The White House, claiming he “never once engaged in an unauthorized leak during my tenure. I was never confronted about being responsible for an unauthorized leak during my tenure. No one has presented a shred of evidence that I was responsible for unauthorized leaks. And much of my time in the White House was spent cleaning up after unauthorized leaks, and I was a target of them myself.”

Short also said Scaramucci “falsely and amateurishly leaked” against him. He said during the first year of the Trump presidency branding someone a “leaker” was more about “coloring people with an expletive rather than having any substantiation for the charge itself.”

Manigault-Newman’s time as a White House official ended eerily like a reality TV show episode with the former Trump confidant unsuccessfully darting towards the residence in order to have a chat with the president.

A Daily Beast source at the time described the sight as “the closest thing to reality TV [I’d experienced] since getting here.”

The former reality star, who was once the driving force of a leakers’ purge, has now ironically resorted to “tell all” about her time at the White House. However, UNHINGED would definitely not be the first time Manigault-Newman has talked about her experience inside the Trump White House.

She has made several media appearances, decrying over the state of Trump’s rule. As a contestant in the Celebrity Big Brother, Manigault-Newman told fellow contestant Ross Mathews, “No, it’s not going to be okay, it’s not… It’s so bad.”


The video of the conversation went viral and Trump reportedly privately fumed at his former ally, although he thought she was making a fool of herself. Manigault-Newman’s supposed betrayal did not even garner a typical Trump hate-tweet.

Ironically, when at the White House, Manigault-Newman continuously boasted how much Trump trusted her and how she was only one of the few people Trump could rely on while being surrounded by people who only wanted cash in using their connections to the president. A statement that could now aptly describe the reality star-turned White House official-turned reality star again.

“Omarosa was fired three times on The Apprentice, and this is the fourth time we let her go,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah told reporters in February.

“She had limited contact with the president while here,” and, “she has no contact now,” he added at the time.

While the White house has declined to comment on the alleged tapes, one question remains: exactly how many people were able to record Trump secretly and what would it subsequently reveal?

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