Omarosa Secretly Taped 'Nearly Every Conversation' She Had In The WH

The former TV star reportedly almost always had the device on record mode and during meetings she hid her phone inside a purse or pocket.


Former reality TV star-turned White House official, Omarosa Manigault-Newman recently made headlines with her revelations about her time as an aide to President Donald Trump.

She then made news with her bombshell Trump tell-all that painted a chaotic picture of the White House.

It now emerges the former “The Apprentice” star recorded “nearly every conversation” she ever had in the White House using her personal phone.

A witness, who watched Manigault-Newman making many of the tapes, told Axios that the former aide recorded tapes and one of those involved “all the Trumps” in one meeting.

The source further stated the former aide reportedly had two mobile phones with her all the time. One of them was a government-issued phone while the other one was personally owned by her.

The witness further said Manigault-Newman recorded the conversations with her personal phone. She almost always had the device on record mode and during meetings she hid it inside a purse or pocket while doing so.

The former-aide reportedly recorded the conversations to protect herself in the climate of removal of senior White House staffers.

The source further stated Manigault-Newman noted the conversations to refer to them in future but she mostly did it to “to cover her own but.” The former “The Apprentice” star said the recorded tapes were a form of protection.

Recently, Trump’s friend-turned-nemesis exposed the commander-in-chief’s alleged behavior behind the closed doors, she also raised a lot of security concerns after claiming she recorded everyday conversations.

Manigault Newman went on to prove herself by releasing the audio tape of Chief Of Staff John Kelly firing her in the White House Situation Room – a high-tech conference room mostly used by the presidents to discuss topics of national security and conduct other sensitive business.

Now it emerges the former staffer may have at least 200 recordings of various conversations in the White House.


Manigault Newman’s book “UNIHINGED” claims Trump is mentally unfit for presidency and accused him of making racial slurs against African Americans.

Although the president denied existence of such tapes, claiming he didn’t have “that word” in his vocabulary, Manigault Newman released a recording of alleged Trump aides discussing what to do if a tape of the president using a racial slur surfaced.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders fought back against allegations that audio evidence of the president uttering the N-word existed. But her assurances weren’t that convincing, as Sanders couldn’t promise that such a recording wasn’t out there somewhere.

In retaliation the commander-in-chief went on to Twitter to call his former aide a “crazed, crying lowlife” and a “dog.” In doing so, he also claimed he only kept Manigault Newman around because she said great things about him — and admission that raised many eyebrows.



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