Omran Daqneesh: The Face Of Aleppo’s Desolation

The heart-wrenching image of the little boy, who stared at the cameras with seemingly dead eyes, has become a symbol of Aleppo’s suffering.

Omran Daqneesh, the traumatized 5-year-old survivor of airstrike in Aleppo, has become the face of desolation of the war In Syria.

Little Omran was rescued along with three other young children from the debris of his home by volunteers from Syria’s Civil Defense group known as the White Helmets.

In a video published by the Aleppo Media Center, a man is seeing picking up Omran from a chaotic scene and taking him inside the ambulance, where he is seated, unblinking and dazed. The boy then slowly rubs his hand on his face and when he sees it covered with blood, tries to rub it clean on the orange seat. He does not cry.

The boy was brought to the M10 hospital, treated for head wounds and later discharged. The nurse who treated Omran said he did not show any emotion even when his wounds were being treated. Only after he was reunited with his parents, who came in with the second wave of injured patients, did Omran started to cry.


The horror generated by the dust-covered boy sitting on an orange chair is now being compared with the global anguish in response to Aylan Kurdi, a 2-year-old Syrian boy, who drowned while trying to cross the perilous Aegean Sea.


Whether the children of Syria stay in their ravaged country or attempt to escape their suffering, they are always on the losing side.

On Twitter, people have rallied behind the hashtag #OmranDaqneesh to bash the world’s political leaders on their failure to respond to the Syrian war and letting children like Omran be crushed between their tug-of-war.




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