On-Campus Restaurant Identifies Black Student As 'N*****'

“Even if it was from a black cook or a black worker, we still believe that to be a behavior that’s unbecoming of any vendor on a college.”



An African-American student at the University of North Texas went to an on-campus restaurant and ordered food but she was shocked when instead of her name the receipt identified her as “n*****.”

Chelsea Shaw, raised the issue on Twitter with a picture of her Krispy Krunchy Chicken receipt that said, “I need answers.” The receipt showed the n-word written in front of the ID right above her order.

After speaking out about the incident, Shaw contacted a lawyer. The lawyer, Justin Moore, said his client wanted to make the public aware of the incident so that they know and understand what is going on. He added they want chain to explain the incident and want it removed from the campus.

However, according to Executive Director of Retail Dining Services Bill McNeace, the racial slur was written by the cook and not the cashier. He added the cook had been reprimanded for the action and was removed from his job.

“It was not the cashier, it was actually the cook. It became apparent, when it came out, [the cook] apologized to the manager and I think tried to find, or did find, the customer,” he said.

University President Neal Smatresk addressed the incident in a tweet and backed McNeace’s claim.

“Our Mean Green family values respect and prides itself on inclusion. It is completely unacceptable and not who we are as a community. We acted immediately to identify the person responsible and that person has been terminated,” he wrote.

The lawyer said the explanation was “dubious.”

“She never saw the cook [come] from behind. And also that the cook is black. Even if it was from a black cook or a black worker, we still believe that to be a behavior that’s unbecoming of any vendor on a college,” he said.

Krispy Crunchy Chicken's director of marketing, Allison Shapiro, told The Daily Beast the food chain condemns incident.

“We greatly value and embrace people of different gender, culture, diversity, that's what makes everything great. We have training like this, but we are partnering with that location's management to figure out how to stop this behavior from happening,” she said.

Regardless of the fact who slapped the n-word on the receipt, such incidents are condemnable and must be exposed, with those involved punished swiftly.

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