Trump Brags About Well-Built Trump Tower After Fire There Kills A Man

Social media users slammed President Donald Trump for bragging about the sturdiness of Trump Tower in an utterly tone-deaf tweet.

Last evening, Trump Tower caught fire when flames engulfed an apartment on the 50th story of the 58-tier building,

As New York City firefighters pushed through courageously, trying to save anyone caught in the disaster, President Donald Trump could only think of one thing while sitting comfortably in the White House: his brand.

In an apparent bid to salvage the reputation of his sturdy building, Trump took to Twitter to assured his fans the building was well-built and the fire “very confined."

The commander-in-chief not only failed to expressed any concern for any people who may be trapped in the fire or those who were injured while struggling to get out, he also managed to highlight his penchant for sexism in a tasteless tweet.


The president's middle son Eric Trump also tweeted about the fire, but he thanked the New York fire department for extinguishing the fire.


Some time later, it was announced that a 68-year-old man had died in the fire.

Firefighters who entered his apartment to extinguish the flames reported the place was “virtually entirely on fire." The injured man passed away after he was transported to the Mount Sinai Roosevelt Hospital. He was later identified as Todd Brassner, an art dealer who sold Andy Warhol paintings.

People were quick to notice how Trump didn't seem to care about the victim who died in the fire of his well-built building, or those injured.




The fire alarm went off around 5:30 p.m., and 200 firefighters reported to the scene. The cause of the fire has not yet been discovered.

Four fire fighters also faced injuries, but thankfully they were not life-threatening.

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