White Man Berates Muslim Family In Public, Threatens To Kill Them

“You don’t ask me a question in my f***ing province,” the white man shouted at the Muslim family.

A white entitled man thought it was OK to berate a Muslim family in Toronto, Canada, while they were minding their own business.

In the footage, the unidentified middle-aged white man can be seen shouting at one of the man, identified as Omar, to not question him because apparently Canada is the land of the white. “You don’t ask me a question in my f***ing province,” the man yelled at the Muslim man at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal.

As the video starts, the racist man can be seen walking towards the bearded young guy. At first, the Muslim man tried ignoring him and told his family to do the same. But the white man kept insulting them. At one point, he can be seen pushing another man trying to incite violence as Omar pushed him back.

The women of the family urged the young men to not get in a physical confrontation with the bigoted man as he was clearly drunk and they called the police.

However, the man didn’t stop hating on the Muslim family. “Where the f**** are you from,” he yelled at one of the young men, who said they were Canadian born.

Later he can be seen hitting Omar’s hand, yelling at the top of his lungs, “I grew up here. Get out of my f***ing province.”

Finally a security guard appeared in the video.

But her conduct was questionable to say the least. Instead of arresting the man who was threatening the Muslim family in front of her, all she did was tell the victims of the white man’s Islamophobia to step back.

While the security guard addressed Omar’s friend, the white man yelled in the background, “I will f***ing kill you.” But the security guard didn’t do anything. And the bigot could later be seen walking off causally.

The Facebook video of the disturbing Islamophobic incident was shared by a family member. 

“Disgusting,” said one commenter. “Also embarrassing to know this idiot is Canadian ... that’s not what we stand for here.”

“I am sorry and ashamed to see that kind of disrespect and racism,” said another.

Later, Mayor John Tory also tweeted about the incident, mentioning hatred doesn’t have any place in the city.

Toronto police is investigating the incident. 

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