No Working Off-Duty: Operator Stops Train After Shift Ends

Washington Metro officials are taking action against the train operator.

A Metro train operator will face disciplinary action because he refused to move a train on a busy platform in Washington, D.C., claiming his shift had ended, and went home. This incident took place at the Fort Totten station in Northeast D.C. 

The train itself was empty, but other trains could not enter the station to let off passengers till this one moved.

According to an eyewitness, the operator and his supervisor disputed over the issue for 10 minutes and then the former simply got out of the train and walked down the platform refusing to do anything.  

This discussion lasted for a good 10 minutes. The train was being repositioned at that time and was empty, but it stopped at the platform throughout the incident.

Metro says that the train was moved by another supervisor who drove the train to Greenbelt and there was no impact to service.

“It was a dispute between an employee and his supervisor that did not impact customers in any significant way,” Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said. “Appropriate administrative action will be taken with regard to the operator.”

Metro's general manager, Paul Wiedefeld, said he expects employees to "use basic common sense."

"We gotta find out what's going on with that,” Wiedefeld said. I expect all of our employees to use basic common sense. I understand sometimes there's work rules and things like that but we'll find out what's going on with that and we'll deal with it."

"I'm asking all of our employees to step up and think about the customers first," he added.

Another Metro source asked, "What if that supervisor wasn't there to move that train? This shows a lack of care toward the customer."

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Joshua Roberts 

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