Oregon Judge Wants To Bill Militia $70,000 A Day Due To Standoff

An Oregon judge wants to bill the militia $70,000 every day to cover the extra security costs that have occurred since the takeover at the wildlife center.

Harney County judge Steve Grasty wants to bill Ammon Bundy and his militia between $60,000 and $75,000 every day to cover the extra security costs that have occurred since the takeover at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge center in Burns, Oregon.

According to U.S. Uncut, these costs include, “the blockade set up by the Sheriff’s office to protect local law enforcement from possible attacks by Bundy’s militants, as well as extra staffing to monitor the occupation.”


“We’re going to send Mr. Bundy the bill,” said Grasty.

This news comes among reports that the militiamen have begun cutting down fences, separating federal land from property owned by a local rancher.

They have also reportedly gone through government documents in order to expose the government.

"We're going through the refuge files and permits, to expose many of the things that they've done here,” leader Ammon Bundy admitted to reporters.


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The takeover, and in particular this admission of going through the documents and permits at the wildlife refuge center, caused Harney County to relocate employees in “an abundance of caution.” This was to ensure that the militia would not be able to use the employee’s personal information — which was contained in file cabinets at the center — against them.

“No matter how you feel, do not bring food and supplies up to the refuge,” Grasty said, who hopes the militia will use up all their resources and go home.

Ammon Bundy has yet to respond to the county’s $70,000 per-day penalty.


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