Oregon Militant Regrets Losing Main Source Of Income: Foster Kids

Isn't it a shame when illegally and forcibly occupying a federal building in Oregon means your siege costs you cash?

An Oregon militia spokesperson, originally from Chino Valley, Arizona, wants people to know how taking part in an illegal siege — in another state  is affecting his livelihood.

In what could be called a moment of unintentional honesty, Robert “LaVoy” Finicum told Oregon Public Broadcasting that his biggest source of income, that is, his four foster children who had been living with him and his wife on ranch, have been taken away.

“They were ripped from my wife. We are very successful (foster parents),” he said. “Our track records are good, it’s been a good relationship. (Federal authorities) must have gotten to the governor, who told the state to get them out of there.”

Finicum added his ranch had been home to more than 50 boys, often coming from mental hospitals, drug rehab and group homes.

“My ranch has been a great tool for these boys,” he said. “It has done a lot of good.”

But Finicum didn’t really receive the sympathy he thought he would after he said he was upset about losing his foster children primarily because he was making money off them.

“That was my main source of income,” stated the distraught man. “My ranch, well, the cows just cover the costs of the ranch. If this means rice and beans for the next few years, so be it. We’re going to stay the course.”

“I hope people are seeing the sacrifices we’re making here,” he added.

It appears Finicum is as clueless as his buddy militiamen since he clearly doesn’t realize that making a livelihood off foster kid subsidies — from the government, mind you — isn’t really a sacrifice.

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