Ore. Sheriff Possibly Involved With Militia Family Under Investigation

After all the commotion caused by the Bundys' armed takeover of federal land, Oregon sheriffs might have to dig up the case all over again to see if someone on the inside helped out the militants.

One of Oregon’s prized sheriffs has landed himself under investigation after citizens reported that he was involved with the Bundy family and their occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer’s conduct is being examined and could prompt an official investigation.

“What the association will do is look at all the facts: We’ll gather evidence and information, and then if we think there is a violation of the state sheriffs’ (association) bylaws or ethics, then we would take whatever would be the appropriate action,” said Brian Wolfe, the sheriff of Malheur County. “We would just want to make sure, first of all, that sheriffs in Oregon are following the law and following their oath.”

Sheriff Palmer apparently admitted to meeting militiamen Ryan Payne and Jon Ritzheimer, among many others, over a lunch where occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge were also present. Apparently, Palmer did not know the occupiers would be at the lunch meeting.

Payne, Ritzheimer and 14 others have since been indicted by a federal grand jury on one felony count each of conspiring to impede federal employees.

Moreover, Palmer was also present at the John Day Senior Center on Jan. 26 where Payne was expected to speak, but after learning that the leaders of the refuge occupation had been arrested, he managed to escape.

“We are a nation of laws, and the executive branch cannot override the laws passed by the legislative branch, nor can we ignore the clear guidance of the judicial branch,” the sheriff’s association said in a statement. “There is a process for changing the laws of our great nation and for amending our Constitution, and that process does not involve the armed takeover of government facilities and disruption of an entire community.”

This clearly states that the association gives people the right to challenge the government to make change but does not “agree with or support any citizen or elected official who would advocate for change in a manner that includes illegal action, threats of violence, or violence against any citizen of the United States.”

Ammon Bundy and his armed followers were apparently on their way to a meeting hosted by Palmer in Grant County when they got arrested. The sheriff, on multiple occasions, had hinted his support for the militants cause and had clearly spoken about his dislike for the federal government.

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