With Growling Stomachs, Oregon "Terrorists" Plead For Help

Social media heeds the Oregon militia’s call for snacks and supplies in hilarious ways as authorities plan to cut off power and gas supply.

The self-styled “Citizens for Constitutional Freedom,” currently occupying an Oregon government building, have put out a plea for snacks and supplies — oh, and they don’t have their own electricity supply either.

The so-called militia, better known as Y’all Qaeda, Vanilla ISIS and WhiteSIS to Internet mockers, is demanding the release of two ranchers, who it says are imprisoned unfairly for setting fire to federal lands.

However, their armed protest – organized to pressure the government to reclaim those lands – hasn’t been very well-planned.

Apparently, the protesters who were, at one point, willing to die for their land, are not so willing to die through starvation. Jon Ritzheimer, one of the protestors, has posted a video on Facebook, requesting people to send them food and supplies. The Twitterati, of course, met this demand with hilarity.






Moreover, as it turns out, the ranchers didn’t bring their own electricity supply either. The U.S. Park Service now plans to cut off power of the wildlife refuge, as well as gas and phone connections to the government-owned building, in an attempt to flush out the militia in sub-zero temperatures.

“It’s in the middle of nowhere,” said an unnamed official, who is based in Washington, D.C. “And it’s flat-ass cold up there. After they shut off the power, they’ll kill the phone service. Then they’ll block all the roads so that all those guys have a long, lonely winter to think about what they’ve done.”

This isn’t the first effort of the Bundys to stand in the spotlight. In 2014, Cliven Bundy had a similar dispute over land use — in that case, however, he did not take a stand in a cold building in the middle of nowhere.

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