Oregon Standoff: The Final Surrender At The Wildlife Refuge

After 41 days of occupation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, militiamen have surrendered to the FBI, ending the Oregon standoff.

The Oregon standoff finally reached its end on Feb.11 when the FBI took charge of the situation and entered Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

After hours of negotiations throughout the day, the last four militiamen supporting the Bundy family, who initiated the armed take over, surrendered. Fortunately, the talks ended without violence or the gunfire.

Cliven Bundy, who was arrested in Portland, has been charged with six federal crimes and will soon appear in court. While seven men were arrested, nine others have been charged with various crimes. Security officials have now taken over the wildlife refuge to investigate the area and ensure everything has gone back to normal. Repair work to fix damage caused by the occupiers has already begun.

Hundreds of people followed the entire incident broadcasted live on YouTube and tweeted about it. Most of them seem to be happy the Bundys and supporters were taken into custody.




Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters

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