Oregon Standoff Verdict Is The Epitome Of White Privilege

“We all know if Ammon Bundy was black, he'd either be in prison or a cemetery,” wrote an online user. “Tamir Rice was killed, and he had a TOY gun!”

Bundy brothers

In one of the most absurd  and prejudiced verdicts handed down in the recent history, the rifle-toting Bundy brothers who took over a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon and remained in a stand-off with authorities for over 41 days,  have been declared innocent.

The jury cleared Ammon and Ryan Bundy, the conservative ranchers-turned-militia leaders, of conspiracy to impede wildlife refuge employees and possession of guns at a federal facility — which is literally they did, along with dozens of other men, earlier this year.

The Bundys were among the 26 charged for participating in the standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. At the time, they claimed the takeover was an act of civil disobedience against what they considered government overreach in its administration of their land.

The internet was shocked by the biasness of the decision. Online users were quick to point out the fact that the outcome of the trial would have been extremely different if the militiamen were not white.

In a country where the members Black Lives Matter movement are called terrorists for protesting police brutality against their community and Native Americans are carted away in police vans for holding peaceful protests on their native land, the Bundy trial is a perfect example of white privilege.

The massive online reaction says it all.
















Seven militia members are set to go to trial next year while 11 others have already pleaded guilty.

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