O'Reilly Segment Asks Black Students If 'Ghetto' Is Offensive

Bill O'Reilly recently did a segment where he sent an interviewer to Princeton to see just how sensitive college kids really are — and it backfired beautifully.

Bill O’Reilly has never been one to try sound “politically correct,” or even culturally sensitive, but this latest segment would have to be one of his worst yet.

O’Reilly begins this segment by explaining that it was inspired by college students that “didn’t feel safe” when they saw words like “Trump” around campus.

“That plays into the concept that college students are very sensitive individuals,” O’Reilly mocked.

To show just how sensitive these college kids are, O’Reilly sent out his interviewer Jesse Watters to ask random students of different races if they were offended by words and phrases like, “ghetto,” “black crime,” “slum,” “Islamic terrorism,” and “white privilege”—all while managing to inject some casual sexual innuendos and even asking one student if she wanted to “suck her thumb.”

He was met with fascinatingly patient and straightforward students (and presumably one teacher) that not only took him very seriously, but put up with Watters' B.S. better than most would.

Check out the video below:

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