Alleged Harasser O'Reilly Offered To Protect Sanders From Reporters

The former Fox News host thought it was his place to protect the White House press secretary from criticism. The offer backfired.

While former Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly lost his show after several women accused him of abuse, the former TV host thinks that he can help shield White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders from harassment.

During his first meeting with Sanders, he offered to serve as a press secretary-cum-bodyguard to, believe it or not, defend her from journalists who ask her uncomfortable questions by scolding them for criticizing her.

“I said, 'Ms. Sanders with all due respect, if you ever need me to stand next to you in those press briefings, I will volunteer to do that,” the disgraced former Fox News anchor said during his Monday night digital show. “And if somebody gets out of line,” he reportedly said, “I will tell them exactly what I think of their behavior.”

Needless to say, the offer was met with laughter from Sanders, Newsweek reports.

The exchange took place during a party on Sunday night held for German Ambassador Richard Grinnell, but according to The Hill, it was more a monologue than an actual conversation.

“I told her that she is doing a great job, in the sense that it's not a partisan play,” he told his audience.

"She's representing her country in very difficult circumstances, extremely difficult, and she's a patriot — you know, she's taken enormous amount of abuse, enormous,” he added.

What’s interesting is that, to remedy the situation, he appears to think that his “macho” presence is needed.

How kind of him.

While Sanders is far from a likable person, it’s clear that O’Reilly has yet to learn his lesson when it comes to dealing with women.

We’re glad that, in this case, Sanders simply laughed at his ridiculous offer instead of giving him the time of day. After all, she’s shown she has no problem standing before the press and often lying about President Donald Trump and his policies. She can continue facing the hard-line questioning without a daddy figure to protect her.

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