Israeli MP Says He Would Kick A 16-Year-Old Girl In The Face

In an interview with the BBC's Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen, Oren Hazan said he would have kicked Ahed Tamimi in the face. This man is a member of the Israeli parliament.

An Israeli member of parliament said teenage Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi would have ended up in the hospital if she had slapped him.

During an exchange with the BBC's Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen, Oren Hazan addressed last December's viral video in which then-16-year-old Ahed can be seen slapping and kicking two heavily armed Israeli troops, who were allegedly blocking her driveway.

"If I was there, she [Ahed] would finish in the hospital, for sure," Hazan responded when Bowen asked him his thoughts about the video. "Nobody could stop me. I would kick her face."

Again, this is a 36-year-old Israeli MP, who is talking about a minor.

However, coming from Hazan, it isn't surprising because he is notorious for making racist and offensive statements.

In fact, he recently made headlines for boarding a bus carrying the families of Palestinian prisoners and yelling at one prisoner's mother that her son was an “insect” and a “dog.”

However, Hazan somehow managed to keep his position after that incident.

What eventually got the bigoted Israeli MP suspended was what Haaretz described as "a series of sexist, chauvinist and otherwise offensive statements against his colleagues."

The Ethics Committee from the Knesset finally decided to take action against Hazan after at least five complaints of misconduct against women were reported by MKs from different parties.

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