Racist Banners Warn Of Vegas-Like Shooting At Jackson Browne Concert

One banner read, “Die f***er. Orlando just like Vegas,” along with the date the Browne concert is supposed to be held, Jan. 23, in red letters.



Orlando police have beefed up their security after threatening banners were hung at an Indiana church that warned of an Orlando-style attack during an upcoming concert.

According to local news outlets, the banners were discovered early Sunday morning hanging from the Unitarian Universalist Church in West Lafayette, Indiana, just two days before a Jackson Browne concert was scheduled to be held at the nearby Walt Disney Theater.

One banner read, “Die f***er. Orlando just like Vegas” along with the date the Browne concert is supposed to be held, Jan. 23, in red letters. Another banner was filled with racial and homophobic slurs and the popular singer’s name.

The threatening banners have raised concerns of mass shooting attacks modeled on the Las Vegas massacre, which took place last year in October and left 58 people dead and 851 injured.

Spokesperson Lt. Jonathan Eager said police are taking the threats seriously and have heightened security measures for the event as well as contacted the FBI.

The Orlando police Department also issued a statement saying, “These hateful racist banners have no place in our community and the West Lafayette Police Department is investigating this as a crime of harassment and felony intimidation.”

West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis wrote in a Facebook post the city, where Purdue University is located, "has been and always will be an open and welcoming community.”

"We will not allow our embracing of all that is right to be targeted by those who feel empowered to deliver a message of hate, violence and exclusivity," he said.

This isn’t the first time a Browne concert has been threatened. Last year in April, flyers saying “Shoot the Socialist” were placed in Windsor. The musician even joked about the incident on stage. Then in May, more flyers were placed at homes near Purdue University targeting Browne and “college liberals” who opposed President Donald Trump.

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