Orphans In Aleppo Make Desperate Plea To Leave In New Video

The orphanage in the video was reportedly created two years ago and the number of children drastically increased from 10 orphans to 47.



As a ceasefire plan that would have allowed Syrian rebel fighters and civilians to exit government-controlled region of Aleppo collapsed, the Syrian American Medical Society tweeted a heartbreaking video.

The short clips purportedly shows around 47 children, all of them orphans, standing inside a room at an undisclosed location in the besieged city.

"I have been living in the orphanage for the past two years," says a 10-year-old girl, Yasmeen Qanouz, according to the Arabic-to-English translation of the video.

"It has been two years since I lost my mummy and daddy because of the jet-fighters' shelling. We are 47 children here. They are all my brothers. We are desperate to get out of Aleppo. Desperate for food and drink,” she adds.

Aleppo was once Syria’s bustling cultural and financial hub with a population of nearly 2 million people.

However, the city’s fate took a turn for the worse when a civil conflict broke out between various rebel groups and Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s forces in March 2011, which later ensued into the worst humanitarian emergency of this era.

And like all wars, the unrest in Aleppo is inflicting irreversible damage on its citizens, especially children.

"Children in east Aleppo have been living for months with the bare minimum to survive,” Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF’s regional director, told Reuters.

“Too many children have been prevented from life saving vaccination,” he continued. “We are seeing more cases of malnutrition. All children have witnessed violence; too many have been confronted directly with the worst of mankind. Many children have been separated from their families. The only answer to all that innocent suffering is simple: stop the war and put the rights and interest of children at the heart of decision making."

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