Orrin Hatch To Sexual Abuse Survivors Protesting Kavanaugh: ‘Grow Up’

“Why aren't you brave enough to talk to us and exchange with us?” one woman shouted at Hatch. “Don't you wave your hand at me, I wave my hand at you.”


In case you needed another reminder that Republican leaders don’t really care much about the sexual assault survivors – or any woman, for that matter – here’s a video of Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, dismissively waving his hand and attempting to shoo away a group of female activists protesting Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

The incident took place at the Hart Senate Building on Capitol Hill where hundreds of demonstrators, including sexual abuse survivors and allies, gathered to voice their opposition to the alleged sexual assailant handpicked by President Donald Trump to sit on the nation’s highest court.

The video, first posted on social media by Scott Hechinger of Brooklyn Defender Services, showed Hatch walking towards elevators as women asked him why he wouldn’t talk to them. He responded by waving his hand at him.

“Why aren't you brave enough to talk to us and exchange with us?” a woman, identified as Kathy Beynette of Virginia, shouted at the senator. “Don't you wave your hand at me, I wave my hand at you.”

Hatch then told the protesters “When you grow up, I'll be waiting,” before ducking into the elevator.

“How dare you talk to women that way?” someone shouted back. “How dare you?”

Although the activists attempted to keep the elevator doors from closing, it was all in vain as security personnel reportedly threatened them with arrest.

According to a Twitter user, Hatch also laughed at Beynette as the doors closed off.

The heated exchange came mere hours after the FBI delivered its report on Kavanaugh, who is facing multiples sexual misconduct allegations.

Just last week, Christine Blasey Ford, the first woman to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual assault at a party back in the 1980s, appeared in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee to recount the alleged incident, which she did in a calm and clinical manner.

The judge, meanwhile, has refuted all such allegations.

Unfortunately, the GOP has a long and disturbing history of siding with alleged rapists and abusers.

Moreover, this is certainly not the first time a Republican senator has made headlines for dodging questions about sexual assault.

Just recently, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Sen. David Perdue and Sen. Bob Corker were approached by three African-American female activists at an airport in Washington, D.C. The women asked the senators about sexual assault victims and the allegations against Kavanaugh, but none of them bothered addressing the issue.

When one of the women asked McConnell if he believed the sexual assault survivors, he opted to walk away instead of answering such a pertinent question.

“We would like to know if you believe survivors of sexual violence?” asked Naina Khanna, the executive director of Positive Women’s Network USA. “Sen. McConnell, do you always turn your back on women like this?”

He didn’t reply, but Khanna followed him all the way outside the terminal.

“Sen. McConnell, will you support a full FBI investigation?” she asked.

He still didn’t reply and got into his car.

Although McConnell did stop and shook hands with another man, he did not respond to even one of the questions posed by the women.

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