Man Found In Oslo Could Be A Real Life Jason Bourne

Just like Bourne Identity's Matt Damon, this man has total amnesia, was found stranded and knows multiple languages.



It's fiction that is usually inspired by real life events, but in some extremely rare cases, this trend reverses itself.

Meet this 20 something man whose medical situation and command over multiple languages makes him look like a real life version of the Bourne series protagonist Jason Bourne.

The Bourne character was penned by the famous American writer Robert Ludlum for his novel The Bourne Identity in 1980. But last December, police officials of the Norwegian capital of Oslo stumbled upon a Caucasian man, who just like Bourne, speaks multiple languages – five to be exact – and has no prior memories whatsoever.

Man Found In Oslo

The man, who has been given a generic "John Smith" name for now, has suffered total amnesia and knows nothing about his past. His condition when he was found was described as 'bad,' which is another similarity with Bourne (played by Matt Damon) – who was rescued by a bunch of Italian fishermen in the Mediterranean Sea.

Believed to be from somewhere in Eastern Europe, Smith is fluent in English and can also communicate in Czech, Slovak, Polish and Russian. His European accent and facial features have led Oslo police to contact several Eastern European countries with hopes of finding any clues about his past, but there has been no luck so far. Hence, they've released his photo to see if the general public has a clue.

"The man has no identity papers, and does not remember his name, where he came from, how he ended up in Norway or any other details of his life," police said. "We have come to a point in the investigation where we had tried everything without getting anywhere. Therefore we are now, in consultation with the man himself, releasing his picture."

Unfortunately, while he has Jason Bourne's memory disorder, he doesn't quite have his hand-to-hand combat skills.

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