Cops Taser 91-Year-Old Alzheimer’s Patient In Kansas Nursing Home

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office initially claimed the elderly man was violent, but the body-camera footage shows a completely different story.


Earlier this year, a nursing home in Minneapolis, Kansas, called the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office to help assist an elderly patient who wouldn’t get into the car to go see a doctor.

At the time, the authorities claimed the 91-year-old Alzheimer’s patient — who remains unidentified — was being combative and violent. The reports alleged the patient was not cooperating with the officers, which led an undersheriff to deploy his Taser in order to get the situation under control.

However, the recently released body-camera footage paints an entirely different picture.

The 28-minute video shows the cops arriving at the nursing home and the elderly man, who was sitting in a chair in his room, refusing to leave for the doctor’s office. He continued batting officers’ hands away as they attempted to help him up and then tried to run away altogether.

That’s when a cop Tased him.

The patient was taken out of the room on a stretcher. His family claims the police handcuffed the victim, which broke his wrists. They also believe that this traumatic ordeal weakened the man’s heart, leading to his death two months later.

The family has chosen to keep the deceased’s identity secret.

As for the Ottawa County sheriff, he is out of the office for the Christmas break, according to KWCH.

While it’s not clear if the department is going to justify the apparent misuse of force on a frail, old Alzheimer’s patient, former law enforcement officer and Eyewitness News Personal Protection expert Joe Schillaci, told the channel that by using the Taser, the cops ensured less harm.

“It's easy for us as citizens to sit back and watch that and be taken aback by that. It's difficult to watch," he said, adding a physical confrontation with officer could have caused more serious injury. "It most definitely with his age would have caused some pretty good injury. They deploy a Taser and incapacitate him immediately."

Watch the body-camera footage in the video below.

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