Restaurant Boots Black Group For Complaining About Intruder

“After continuously asking her to leave our table, she told all of us to ‘shut the f*ck up’ and that she wasn’t gonna leave.”

A group of African-American friends booked a table at a posh restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Little did they know the celebration would turn out to be this unpleasant.

The group was settled at their reserved table at Overdrive Lounge in Solis Two Porsche Drive in Atlanta, Georgia, and was having a nice time when a woman rudely crashed their party. The woman, later identified as Sonya Pate, looked visibly drunk. She came to the group’s section and settled on a sofa with a glass of wine in her hand.

The group made several attempts to make her go and told her that it was their reserved section and they wanted her to leave. However, when it became evident that Pate was going nowhere, Kodili Okechukwu, one of the women in the group, recorded the incident.

The video showed Pate sitting on sofa and ignoring constant requests made by the group who wanted her to leave. The woman also repeatedly told the group to “shut the f*** up” as they told her to leave and asked them where the reserved sign was.

“We were enjoying a nice birthday dinner at Solis Two Porsche Drive, a hotel located on the grounds of Porsche Experience Center Atlanta and then this random woman, obviously drunk, comes to sit down at our table,” Okechukwu posted on Facebook.

The post added, “We told her it was a private table and she proceeded to ask us where was the reserved sign. After continuously asking her to leave our table, she told all of us to ‘shut the f*ck up’ and that she wasn’t gonna leave.”

The woman also demanded that Okechukwu should stop recording her.

“Birthday dinner, and some crazy woman does not wanna leave… So you’re not gonna leave our reserved table?” said Okechukwu.

The woman replied, “Why would I leave?”

“Because it’s not your table and you look crazy right now.”

“You are,” the woman shot back.

Okechukwu replied, “You look so disrespectful. I’m with my friends [and] we don’t know you.”

As theback and forth continued, the hotel management got involved and the manager came to the section. He repeatedly asked the woman what had happened and the group told him to move the conversation and remove the woman from their section so they could continue with their celebration.

That is when one of the group members got near the manager and put his hand on the manager’s shoulder to speak to him. The manager got agitated and told the man if he touched him again he will have to call security.

The entire group was then reportedly booted out of the restaurant and the woman who crashed their party sat in their section and smiled at them as they were being escorted out.

The video went viral on social media. However, the hotel released a statement in which they denied the claim that the group was asked to leave the premises.

“In response to a recent guest disturbance in the lounge, we have had the opportunity to personally meet with and express our apology to some of the guests whose night was disrupted. We have reviewed the occurrence thoroughly, and want to be clear that these guests were not asked to leave the premises,” read the statement.

Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters, Susana Vera

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