Owner Of Store Where Alton Sterling Was Killed Sues Police

The owner of the Triple S convenience store who witnessed the Alton Sterling shooting claimed he was illegally detained by Baton Rouge, Louisiana police.

Convenience store owner, Abdullah Muflahi, is suing Baton Rouge police officers after claiming they illegally detained him after the shooting death of Alton Sterling

The lawsuit states that officers quickly detained Muflahi for four hours straight, took his cell phone, and seized the surveillance video camera inside of his store in an attempt to eliminate recorded footage of Sterling’s death, according to Raw Story.

In his lawsuit, the store owner claimed the officers illegally took his property, and he is also suing for false imprisonment.

The Triple S convenience store’s parking lot was the place where it all began.

Alton Sterling was shot and killed by two cops after he was caught selling compact discs near the store, which the owner gave Sterling full permission to do.

Joel Porter, Mulfahi’s lawyer, told Reuters, “Not only did Mr. Sterling lose his life, but my client also lost his liberty.”

Alton Sterling

The Baton Rouge Police Department did not comment on the recent lawsuit.

Confiscating important video footage that shows proof of what really occurred during the shooting and violating the civil liberties of a witness is shameful and only shows how shady and disrespectful the officers involved in this tragedy have proven to be. 

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