Hotel Owners Won't Fire Manager For Wearing Nazi Shirt

Soto Hotel tenants are complaining that one of the hotel’s managers wears shirts with hate symbols openly and that hotel owners are refusing to let him go.

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The owners of Soto Hotel in Los Angeles, California, are refusing to fire the hotel’s manager even after the several complaints regarding his love for Nazi apparel.

Soto Hotel tenants were tired of seeing their manager wearing a Nazi T-shirt, so they decided to launch a petition in order to pressure the hotel owners to finally let go of the bigoted manager, Antonio Ortega. They complained about Ortega’s love for Nazi symbols and the blatant lack of respect for disabled tenants as enough reasons to fire him.

Yet their request was met with resistance, to say the least.

The owners refused to fire Ortega, claiming that the manager, his mother, and grandmother had served the hotel for more than 40 years.

Instead of firing him for his behavior, they told tenants, Ortega was simply reprimanded and prohibited from wearing clothing with racist messages.

In a letter from manager Leo Valle, one of the tenants involved in the dispute was told that the owners of the hotel “too found the Hitler shirt offensive and will not tolerate such behavior.”

“In fact, the owners found it so serious, that one of the principals flew down to LA this week to meet directly with both Antonio and I regarding the offense,” Valle continued. “It was decided by the owners that in recognition of Antonio’s otherwise excellent performance as manager for the family for many, many years, as well as that of his mother and grandmother for now close to 40 years, he be reprimanded and warned that no such shirt is allowed. Again, please direct any valid concerns to me as your manager point person and we will continue to address them in a timely and professional manner.”

Excellent performance? According to the Yelp reviews, that’s far from the truth.

In a one star review, user Pix J. said that the manager treats people “like the nazi he is.” In another very unflattering review, the hotel also gets one star because the place is fitting only to people who “are into Hitler and swastikas.” User Victor M. also accused the owners of being anti-Semites.

Since their concerns were not addressed, tenant David Sanchez launched a GoFundMe page where he shares evidence of abuse, filth, poor maintenance, and retaliation for reporting problems. He is asking anyone to contribute so they may obtain legal help and finally move out of the building.

Considering this is a building that offers affordable housing to low-income residents, it’s terrifying to think that those who need the most help are being treated in this manner, and that racism is being tolerated so openly.

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