Pacquiao Says He’s Sorry For Calling Gay People ‘Worse Than Animals’

While campaigning for a Senate seat in the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao said some terrible things about gay people.

Manny Pacquiao is admired greatly for his boxing prowess—he is an eight-time world champion—yet many do not know that he is also an active member in Filipino politics and resides in the Philippines's House of Representatives. Unfortunately, this has exposed some of his views as regressive and appalling

He is currently running for a Senate seat in the Philippines. While campaigning, he made a statement on Filipino television about gay people that was incredibly offensive: “It's common sense. Will you see any animals where male is to male and female is to female? The animals are better. They know how to distinguish male from female. If we approve [of] male on male, female on female, then man is worse than animals."

After facing backlash, Pacquiao posted an apology video on Twitter with the caption “I'm sorry for hurting people by comparing homosexuals to animals. Please forgive me for those I've hurt.”


However, he maintained his views on gay marriage, stating that, “…this does not change my position against same-sex marriage. That's what I believe. My only mistake is comparing gay people to animals.”

He also posted a response on Instagram, noting that, “Im [sic] not condemning anyone, but I'm just telling the truth of what the Bible says. The truth from the Bible is what changed me from my old ways.”

Pacquiao has come under fire for his conservative views before—he is staunchly opposed to abortion, and even the use of contraceptives. According to the Huffington Post, he once said, “God said, 'Go out and multiply.' He did not say, just have two or three kids... It's sinful to use condoms and commit abortion.”

He should really stick to boxing and keep the backward, offensive political views to himself.

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