Watch: Woman Confronts Man Flying Nazi Flag Outside His House

“We need to ALL stand against Nazis. Share far and wide; let's run this Nazi out of town. For real.”

A woman in Mount Holly, North Carolina, spotted a Nazi flag outside a man’s house and decided to confront him about it.

Page Braswell, 44, filmed the entire conversation she had with Joe Love and later posted it on Facebook. The video shows her driving as she makes her way to Love’s house. She then gets out of her car and walks toward the man.

“Hey, what’s up with the Nazi flag?” Braswell asks him.

Love responds in a very harsh tone, asking what the flag has got to do with her.

She asks him again why he has a Nazi flag and Love reacts in the same way, inquiring why it matters to her. To that, Braswell says because this is America not Nazi Germany.

“Get your a** in the car and the get hell outta here,” replies Love.

As Braswell attempts to walk away, Love asks her what kind of flag she has.

“I fly a rainbow flag,” she replies.

He then asks her, “What does that tell me about you?”

“That I'm not a Nazi?” Braswell shoots back.

“I'm not a Nazi either. This is Nazi-f***ing America,” says Love.

He then orders her to leave and says, “If you don't get the hell out of here, me and you are gonna have trouble.”

As Braswell walks toward her car, Love continues to shout, “Take your queer a** on, your lesbian a** on, big fat f****** a** on and go, b****.”

After the incident, Braswell posted the video on social media with a caption that read, “We need to ALL stand against Nazis. Share far and wide; let's run this Nazi out of town. For real.”

While talking to The News & Observer, Braswell said Love’s comments are examples of what minorities have to deal with everyday. She further added she doesn’t have a rainbow flag, though she would like to have one.

“They’ve got to be brave every day. There’s no reason I can’t be brave for two minutes. If people are doing it, we need to call it out. If we don’t, it’s just going to get worse,” she said.

On the other hand Love said he “doesn’t hate anybody” and he put up a Nazi flag up because three of his previous Confederate flags had been stolen.

“I put this one up, nobody wants it. That used to be a religious symbol in India until Hitler got a hold of it. A lot of people don’t know that... I agree with the symbol as it started out as a religious symbol. But as far as backing Hitler and being a white supremacist and Hitler, I’m not into that,” he said.

Love reportedly took the flag down and said he will put another Confederate flag instead as long as it’ll “make the world a better place.”


Thumbnail Credits: Reuters, Yannis Behrakis

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