Palestinian Bus Driver Returns $10,000 In Lost Cash To Jewish Man

Seeing the cash "did not tempt" him, he told reporters. Because it's his moral and religious duty to return lost property to its rightful owner.

Orthodox Jewish men studying.

A Palestinian bus driver is making the news for going above and beyond to help a Jewish passenger, and for a good reason.

Ramadan Jamjoum, 35, was behind the wheel of the 422 line bus that goes from Jerusalem to the Orthodox city of Bnei Brak when he noticed that a Jewish man had dropped a roll of cash as he exited. The passenger, who was on the phone, didn't hear the Palestinian driver who tried to catch his attention.

After collecting the roll of money, he then returned it to the Afikim bus company, explaining to them what had happened.

Talking to reporters, he said seeing $10,000 in cash did not tempt him, because “it is my duty morally and religiously, and to my God and my work, to return the money,” he added.

The police then put a note on the local newspaper's lost and found section explaining the incident and asking the owner to come forward, provided he's able to prove he was the owner of the cash. The Jewish man promptly responded, being able to get a hold of his property shortly after.

As you can see, many stories involving Israeli Jews and Palestinians actually do have a happy ending

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