IDF Soldiers Shoot Palestinian Child In Head During Training Exercise

The young boy was shot by Israeli soldiers during a training exercise, which was being conducted in the West Bank, near a Palestinian community.

To some Israeli soldiers, a training exercise is nothing but an opportunity to shoot some Palestinians with live ammunition, it seems.

During military training, Israeli soldiers in northeastern West Bank shot a 3-year-old in the head with a live round. The soldiers were conducting live-fire training in the region, a common activity for IDF as soldiers often train near Palestinian communities, making the Palestinian people particularly vulnerable to misfires and other accidents.

Sometimes, Mondoweiss reports, these trainings force Palestinians to leave their homes while Israeli soldiers conduct training using live ammunition and even explosives.

Because many explosives are left behind after soldiers are done, many children end up being injured and even killed when they detonate around them.

This particular incident took place on Wednesday near Tubas. And according to the Palestinian Health Ministry, the child was shot in the head and is now in intensive care at the Tubas Turkish governmental hospital.

The practice of training near Palestinian communities has been harshly criticized for years.

Human rights groups in Israel have even attempted to challenge the IDF by questioning the legality of this type of military exercise in the Supreme Court. While pressure from critics was able to at least pressure the IDF into alerting Palestinian communities beforehand, the practice remains in place.

It's despicable that the Israeli army continues to carry out their military training in regions that are populated by Palestinians.

It's almost as if officials are only interested in sparking fear. After all, injuring or even killing a couple of Palestinians in the process doesn't seem to make much of a difference to them.

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