Saudi ‘Naqba’ Documentary Normalizes The Creation Of Israel

“Israel was born, and the dream became reality” and the “Arab neighboring armies invaded Palestine [after the UN partition plan],” the documentary narrated.


A recent documentary about the founding of Israel has sparked immense backlash amongst Palestinian groups, particularly since the historical series was released by Al-Arabiya, a Saudi-owned television news channel.

The two-part series, titled, “Naqba” leads up to the creation of Israel and predominantly features video and footage from the Holocaust as well as the Yishuv, the pre-Israel Jewish population. The filmmakers claimed they had interviewed Arabs, Israelis and historians in an attempt to depict the subject in an objective way.

However,  what the documentary refers to is not that of the Palestinian people but of the Jewish people. The actual Naqba event, which literally translates as “catastrophe,” happened when more than 700,000 Palestinian Arabs were expelled from their homes in the 1948 Israel-Palestine war.However, the Saudi documentary has completely disregarded this aspect of history, instead focusing solely on the disaster caused by the Holocaust.

The documentary “reconstructs the story of the birth of Israel in a way that is free of ideology or partisanism” by appraising the crucial “moments of this chapter of the 20th century through testimonies and interviews with eyewitnesses and historians on both sides,” the channel’s description reads in Arabic.

However, it is anything but.

The documentary shows the dismal condition of the European Jewish community in the aftermath of the Holocaust, with the narrator stating grandiose words like “Israel was born, and the dream became reality” and the “Arab neighboring armies invaded Palestine [after the UN partition plan].”

The documentary has completely disregarded the sufferings of the Palestinian people and how activist groups are understandably saying it is an attempt to glorify the Jewish state.

“It seems that Al-Arabiya decided to take off its Arab dress,” the forum of Palestinian Journalists wrote on its website. “The Naqba addresses the circumstances of the establishment of the occupation on the land of Palestine according to the Zionist narrative, speaking of what it calls the ‘Naqba of the Jews’ [the Holocaust], which forced them to establish their homeland in Palestine, in a suspicious attempt to obliterate the facts of history.”

“This documentary,” the statement continued, “stripped of all the values ??of humanity, nationalism and religion, is even more dangerous in light of the plans for the liquidation of the Palestinian cause through the ‘deal of the century,’ promoted by the American administration led by President Donald Trump,” referring to the much-touted about Israel-Palestine peace plan, which the Trump administration said it will reveal soon.

So what’s next? Will Saudi Arabia also start approving the blockade of Gaza and the oppression of the current day Palestinian people as well?

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